Thursday - Wizkids Free Play Event at Chimera

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Looks like this event is full, you can always call to see if any space has freed up on 0115 922 9880!

**OP for Heroclix**

Entry: Freeplay

Enjoy a relaxed Constructed format event with other local Clix players!

Players of all experience levels take part in our events. Don't be put off if you're new to the game - great way to get your hands on some fab prizes.


Entry: Freeplay

Book a place on our weekly Clix event for the chance to win promo figure prizes and more!!

For format, details check out our WIN Details page: http://win.wizkids.com/venue.php?VENUE_ID=17594

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21 Jun 2018 19:30

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Thursday - Wizkids Free Play Event at Chimera
21 Jun 2018 19:30

Looks like this event is full contact 0115 922 9880!

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