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Looking to play a different Format from Standard or Modern? This event is for you! Each week we will be changing it up with a different format in rotation, including Legacy, Pauper, Tiny Leaders and Canadian Highlander. We will also be looking to include different formats as well, so let us know if there are any other formats you would like to see.

Store credit prizes will be available, with 100% of the money paid in by you the players being returned as prizes across the top half and with random players based on the size of the pod.


£5 entry per player

This week we will be running a Reject Rare Draft, with store credit prizes available, with 100% of the money paid in by you the players being returned as prizes. In this format, each player will need to bring with them 45 rare or mythic rare cards they would like to donate to the draft. These will then be shuffled and dealt into 15 card "boosters" for players to draft. This will be a keep what you draft event. With your 45 cards please ensure that you have 45 unique cards with no repeats.

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27 May 2018 12:00

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